(No) dinner in Berlin tonight

(No) dinner in Berlin


Tonight, at Stattbar, the bistro of Stattbad the well known sixties swimming pool /event space, the Lost in Wedding pop up culinary crew host their very first vegan supper. These suppers normally take place every Tuesday evening (on reservation only) and were  vegetarian or omnivore. But not tonight. The moment I received this message in my mailbox, I tried to make a reservation but damn! Ausgebucht, since yesterday apparently, you have to be very quick. I’ll remember that for next week, that’s for sure.

Look at this and try not to be hungry:

(taken from their Facebook events page)

Classic-Vegan-Menu: 7,00 €

( NEW!!! ) Giant-Vegan-Menu: 10,00 €

This tuesday are Herr Dampf (Hans & Dampf Crew) and the Weddinger Suppenkaspa (Klopse für das Elbsandsteingebirge/ 1. Berliner Kochgangbang) behind the pots to create a vegan 3 course meal.
:::::Starter::::mango-chili-coconut panna cotta, lukewarm cauliflower marsala puree, coriander-lime dressing, gaszpacho a la wedding *, herbs cracker

:::::Main Course:::::Mille Feuille of mushrooms, onions, peas, parsley and turnip, potato straw, porcini polenta, spicy lamb’s lettuce-cashew pesto

:::::Dessert:::::vanilla-rosemary biscuit, lemon balm jelly, salty lemon, orange salad, melissa, dark chocolate, balsamic reduction

Please RSVP : PM or stattbar@stattbad.net

(Please note the start time, the number of guests and the kind of menu)

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/627931830606278/



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