Berlin Fashion Week, part one (blogpost in English)

Looking good isn’t important. It’s everything.”  Ben Sherman


Two weeks ago the special police forces found 140 kg of cocaine hidden among bananas. That was in 5 different Aldi stores in Berlin. The Aldi !  You know, that discounter supermarket. I’ve been there so many times; I even bought bananas. Ohne coco that was.  It is the second biggest catch since 35 years in Berlin.

Cocaine is ,a non exactly low budget drug,  very popular in the higher classes. It’s what gets them going as the society demands so much of them. That’s what they say, at least. Some of those high classed people.

Lots of classy, beautiful people in Berlin this week, it was after all the Berlin fashion week . Officially called the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week by the way.

I happen to live in the fancy Mitte of Berlin where lots of hipsters doing lots of hipsters things.

While I was coming home from my German course on Tuesday I noticed the crowd. Lots of very hipster Asians. The Adidas store made a huge fuzz about the new Stan Smiths shoes. I had some of those back in the eighties. They weren’t the original but they were the second “original”. I think I threw them away. Pity, they are worth a fortune now  in hipster vintage stores. But last week, on the 15th of January, those hipster Stan smith shoes got re-released. In different colours. The original green one. The second generation blue ones and now also in red and even in black.

Big fuzz in the city about this. I went to see it and the Stan Smiths (originally from 1973) occupy indeed a huge space in the shop. Outside on the etalage, they are showing the picture of Stan Smith now (he’s still alive and kicking) with his”new” shoes.



Not only the Adidas store is full of people but really are the shops around the Weinmeisterstrasse are crowded. Unbelievable. The post-Christmas sales are still on and I need a few things so  I drop in one of my favourite and affordable brand stores called COS. And even here, you can’t escape these fashion people. I’m shocked by the way many of them are wearing fur and leather. It’s all over town and in the shops as well.  Animal welfare? Dogs skinned alive for real and even for fake fur (dogs are cheaper than polyester that’s why some fake fur is actually real fur).I guess they never thought about that. Knowing those things suck, I know. I would love to buy a fake fur jacket but since I don’t know if it’s a fake fake and thus a real…Well, you understand what I mean 🙂 

Stores where you don’t see those people: H & M (that used to be different back in the early nineties, since it was the first label that finally brought cheap but fancy fashion) or Mango f.e.

But I’m very happy seeing that COS is hip. That means that I am hip. Or am I making the wrong presumption here?? Haha.

Parties and openings and vernissages all over town. Not that I’m invited. I’m not a fashionista. But I have to admit I love to see these people obsessed with clothes and appearences. They look so superbly intelligent and interesting. Thirthy years ago I might even have worshipped them. Thinking there are far better people than I am. They are rich and they have good taste and they know so many interesting people. They are never lonely. They never behave badly (at least not in public) and they are never extremely sad or happy. They can wear whatever they want and still find a way to look good.

They look like they read all the books in the world and seen all the art and theater and what else that ever existed.

ImageOf course they are not. Of course these people are exactly like you and me. They love, they hate, they struggle. But hey, you have to admit it: they do it in style. Always.


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